Fancy Dino in Technicolor

14 Jul

Fancy dinosaur eating a cat in Las Vegas, by special request.

(Colored art. This is how I bribe coworkers to help me in Carcassonne.)

Enchantment Under the Seas

6 Jul

I was commissioned by a fantastic SF-based comedy group to design a poster for their upcoming fundraiser event. A Back to the Future reference featuring fancy lobsters? Yes please.

Fancy Dinosaur Eating a Cat

21 Jun

This is almost self-explanatory.

New Job

1 Apr

I have accepted a job offer as a Game Artist/Animator at a cool social game company in the area. I’ll still be freelancing at the animation studio I currently work at, so it’ll be the best of both worlds.

As part of the application process, I was asked to design a new enemy character and background in the style of Castle Crashers (which is not the company I’m working for, fyi). I wanted to share my shark (Bruce) in a robot suit built out of a buoy.

Sketched on paper, then inked and colored in Photoshop.

Mighty Steampunk Aphrodite

21 Feb

I’ve been really wanting to paint more, so I thought I’d participate in’s Character of the Week (CHOW) thread. This week’s theme was Steampunk Aphrodite.

I was originally planning to add a lot more steampunk (such as a robotic cupid, rough is below the final image), but lost a few days do to something else falling in my lap in the later part of the week. I’ll probably get back to this painting later and finish it, but I figured I’d share where I am now.

Vintage Sunshine

14 Feb

Happy Valentines from me to you!

I found myself itching to paint this weekend, so I dusted off the ol’ Cintiq… only to find the pressure sensitivity didn’t work in Photoshop CS5. After two days of epic troubleshooting, I found the problem: Apparently, the official latest Wacom driver is not compatible with the Cintiq in CS5. THANKS WACOM <3. I had to rollback to an older version of the driver, and then it worked fine.

I’ve been hooked on Instragram lately, so I wanted to do a quick vintage style painting. Enjoy!

Quorra (Tron) iPad Painting

2 Feb

Another iPad painting and video! This is a super quickie of Quorra from Tron. Painted in Brushes using the Griffin stylus.

Bunny Eats Kitty (Animals Eating Animals)

28 Jan

Everyone remembers Animals Eating Animals, right?

I had originally animated that a few years ago. I wanted to try out ToonBoom’s ink and paint capabilities, so I dusted it off, painted a bg and slapped a little color on. Magic.

One day I’ll re-animate all of Animals Eating Animals with much better animation… but for now, consider it a quick production test.

Animation/Ink/Paint in ToonBoom Studio, background painted in Brushes on an iPad, and compositing done in AfterEffects.

Forgive my shoddy camera work. If anyone can recommend a good book, I’m all ears.

Getting back on the social horse

28 Jan

I’m trying to be more artistically social. You can see I spruced up this here blog, I’ve been tweeting (and Instagraming!) like crazy, and now I’ve even gone and set up my own Youtube channel.

What’s the end game here? It’s a new year. I achieved so much last year… I don’t want to lose that momentum. I want to keep drawing, painting, and animating– and it’s a lot easier if I have the pressure of the whole internet world watching. I’ll be posting more “behind the scenes” type stuff here, along with personal production art (from shorts in progress) as well as little animated shorts and painting videos on Youtube.

Feel free to poke me with a sharp stick if you don’t see me posting often.

iPad Painting

27 Jan

I might have forgotten to mention: I drink many flavors of Kool-Aid.

Last summer, I went crazy trying to print and format art for a last minute portfolio. That was the last straw to drop analog portfolios altogether and try something new: The magical iPad. I rounded up all of my old cellphones, and had myself a Craigslist garage sale.

(Photo from my actual ad.)

With all sales, I had enough to buy a used iPad in excellent condition off of Craigslist. While I was skeptical at first, I’ve really grown to love it. Not only is it the greatest demo machine imaginable, but it’s ultra portable with great battery life. Believe it or not, but it also makes for a nice little digital painting notebook.

I’ve been thinking about background painting styles recently, and decided to give a retro 60’s cartoon era style a shot. Using the great program Brushes and a Pogo stylus, I was able to paint something I actually liked. (I’ve since switched to the MUCH superior Griffin stylus. I can’t recommend it enough. Pogo started falling apart after minimal light use– Griffin is much smoother and sturdier. Target has them in stock.)

Brushes even has the ability to export images as PNG files with transparency. Instant multi-plane background! Even cooler: It can export video of your painting from start to finish.